hi its dennis woodruff I live a laveish lifestyle and considerd a jetseter i am seen at all the bigist partys hob nobing with fellow stars.

wethy people feel really confertable around me , and have just as musch as they do and know how to make them lafe, i meet evryone that ifs famous and even bob delian. i like all kinds of music, and really like the pino sometimes, that cherch organ really trips me out, i love the sound of it. i have a yuat and race cars, land all over.  3 mansons, i collect property that is unuqe. i have a rteal estse company called paridze inversment, and plain on building custom homes as a hobbey. reageing from 1 to 15 million. i also own a company solar enterpizes and provide energy selling terbine electice generaters and solor panels for home and office building, my company also enstalls entertantment systems. indoor movie therthers and and alaim serciraty with vidio camers and state af the art . my compound where i have my office. is serounded with inperntad vidio and alim state of the art. never persude it  a gaird card with a permit to cary a gun at all times. if someone is to temtten  me i would brack there legs with marchal arts. shoot him in the balls. im a very peace full guy, buy if bussiness needs to be taken care of , i do it in a very starte forward way without hesatacion, i friends had a bet with me at a bar and i put some guy on the floor and broke his nose in ten seconds. i used to be a wippy guy in my 20’s but desided i whated to be like rambo. i what to help other poeple in my life witch i have. and make the world a better place. im also building peramid house on the top of the mountan in malabu with a sun roof and extit tunal under ground with a fall out shelter in case of emergancy. i have over a yrs worth of food and water , and a hroponie to grow food, i have an air plane and love to go flying, my favorate car is a lambergini i only have two  one black and other in white. i got them becouse they really hal ass. im the coolist person i know amd proud to say and people like me around. but understand when i disaper. when i am involved in a project my intrue foucues is on it. and the people im working with at the momment. one of my cornal rule is never yell at me, talk to me, and i’ll comunacate with you back, ive been told im a great conversalist and mix well with other poeple, i love eating saled like cobe. i like freah fish and acoucal few dricks. but i dont like to get drunk. becous i act abnocse and los my tenper, ive been kknow to hal off and smak someone in the nose especally if there are a know it all. i find my future to be very brite, so brite i have to where sunglasses at night. tuffy enterantment is my company also and its growing every day. my movies are sellign all around the world now,  117 thousan locations. as reported on google serch resantly.  i have a office at unversal studios hollywood, byt i dont talk about my bussines there it top secert. the most import person to me in the world that i care about most is my wife jane. i hope we can reunight  soon. love is the most powerfull thing in the unise to experience for all, true love only comes once in a liufe time, for us all i love animels and i sapport several organizion woith my money. i give awey half mony to caritzes around the world , id reather give then reseve but fun to reseve. i put on high with thwe people i know , and my dog tuffy is my gratist posation and friend. he is tuffy 2. i have 150 millon around me and collect rare gems. i invested in a diamond mine and belive someday they will clone me. i hope i made you smile or cukel my best friend is jeff seymour , we are also bussiness partners just to set the record starte . i am a strate guy. and never gay. im running out of things to tell you, someday i plain on building my own city, and having alot of fun ion my life and need to work on my personal life , i what it to be perfect. anyway got to go , my secarty needs a brake. sencerly yours dennis woodruff


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